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Candle Holders

We are excited to announce that our range of Potsie Candle Holders will soon be available for purchase.


Potsie Candle Holders are each hand crafted by our artists, each one is entirely unique and one of a kind.


They will be available in a range of sizes to accommodate any candles

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ORM: A Sustainable Odour Reduction Solution

Remove bad smells from your kitchen or home with ORM: our sustainably produced odour reduction products, for both household and commercial applications. Our ORM utilises waste cardboard and renewable minerals to safely, and sustainably eliminate odours.

What differentiates our ORM to other odour reducing products is that our product is in aggregate form and is applied directly on point source of odour generation to eliminate the need for use of fresheners and other open air odour reduction products.

Our aggregate ORM is also friendly to your home composting unit, as the aggregates are made from degradable and harmless nutrient-bearing minerals and organic fibres, making them ideal additives to your garden soil. They can also be used in conjunction with council FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bins. 


The aggregate variety of ORM will be available for purchase in the second half of 2022.

Compostable liner.jpg

CtP Seedling Pots

A new addition to our soil degradable seedling pots will be pots formulated to include wood based pulp in their bodies for improving carbon to nitrogen ratio (important for plant growth), aeration and soil degradability. All to suit your seedling pot needs!  

These products will progressively extend to include a variety of pulps including; coffee trays, egg cartons and similar interactable waste streams that, in Australia, are presently nearly entirely disposed of in landfills.


For unique, wearable art created from our eco-friendly media, we will soon be releasing a collection of pendants. Each piece is lightweight and makes a statement, not only in fashion but in sustainable living. 

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