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Seedling Pots

Our plastic-free soil degradable seeding pots are made from mineral-based composites and have several advantages over planting pots currently in the market.

​Firstly, once placed in soil they degrade over time, providing nutrients to soil which are essential for plant growth.

Secondly, they are porous and have high water holding capacity, reducing the required watering frequency (so you can leave your plants and go on a holiday for 5 days or longer). This also means avoiding excess watering which often leads to nutrient runoff; a main concern with use of plastic pots in horticulture.

Thirdly, our seedling pots fully address the problem of transplant shock associated with plastic pots, as our pots, once placed in soil enable plant growth from seedling to full plant stages. Manual transfer (also known as transplanting) from plastic pots to the soil is entirely eliminated, as our seedling pots, in contrast to peat pots, keep their form until they degrade in soil by a combination of root growth through the walls and bottom of the pots and mineral disintegration. See images opposite.

Our soil degradable seedling pots provide a complete, sustainable garden solution by providing an ideal microenvironment for healthy, and undisrupted growth of the seedlings. All methods for growing your own new plants can be done easily and in shorter time (without the need for transplanting) using our seedling pots, by propagating seeds, cuttings and division. In essence, our seedling pots remove the need for transplanting and substantially reduce environmental impact by being entirely plastic free, soil degradable, thus ideal for a greener alternative that’s friendly to plants...friendly to soil!

Our seedling pots are available for purchase in 6 and 12 pack options with pots priced at $4 each. Bulk orders above 24 pots will attract a discount.

For purchasing our soil degradable seedling pots please go to “Data Sheets & Forms” page, download the Purchase Order request form, complete and email it to us at and we will promptly get back to you with a quote, including shipping costs for your payment approval. We also offer seedling pots as part of our stunning gift packages to your loved ones, packages that standout and will be remembered. You can choose what you would like to be in your gift package by completing the request for gift card quotation form on our website. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 10.12.22 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 10.13.36 pm.png

Examples of seedling pots planted with flower and vegetable seeds. Cross section and close-up view of a coffee cup-shaped seedling pot, planted with the seedling of a forestry tree (Eucalyptus maculata) species grown around 6 months of leafy plant growth (43cm long), showing root penetration through the walls and base of the pot.

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 10.08.03 pm.png
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