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ORM: A Sustainable Odour Reduction Solution

Remove any bad smells from your kitchen or irritants to your nose such as pet droppings with ORM: our sustainably produced odour reduction products, for both home and commercial applications.

Bad smells are not only unpleasant in closed environments, they can also become hazardous to humans. Given the extended time that we all spend indoors, and the increasing use of chemical-based air fresheners, our ORM range of products provide a safe and sustainable alternative for improving indoor air quality.

The key point of difference between ORM and other odour reducing products is that our product is in aggregate form and is applied directly on point source of odour generation (such as food waste and animal droppings).  This direct application to odour-emitting substances eliminates the need for use of fresheners and other open air odour reduction products which often rely on fragrances unpleasant and irritable to some.  The difference is as simple as that.

Other advantages relate to the friendliness of our aggregate ORM to your home composting unit, as the aggregates are made from degradable and harmless nutrient-bearing minerals and organic fibres, making them ideal additives to your garden soil. When the used ORM product is diposed in council allocated bins as part FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) initiative, they essentially provide a friendly nutritious additive to municipal waste for energy generation or composting projects.

ORM Products and Applications

Our introductory ORM product range is comprised of loose aggregate packaged in paper pouches or cartons, and pads. Loose aggregate (shown in plate on right side) can also be ordered in bulk quanitities. 

Odouroff granules.png

ORM products are made from the same mineral-based, safe-to-handle media as our other products on this website. They are available as either loose aggregate contained in paper pouches, or entirely degradable pads made from the aggregate in different sizes to suit a variety of kitchen caddies, house bins, council bins and composting units.


The loose aggregate varieties will be available soon for purchase. Future broader range of ORM products will also cater for the needs of commercial operators such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, clubs, etc. ORM products in loose aggregate form will be initially packaged in stand-up paper pouches, in 500 gram, 1kg and 2 kg packs, as well as in bulk quantities of 5kg and 10kg plastic buckets. The padded products will be offered markets and will fit a range of caddies and bins yet to be recommended by municipalities and councils in Australia.


ORM products can initially be purchased by emailing us ( and can be posted out around Australia, or courier delivered on request, or picked up from our premises in Sydney. Purchased products will include instructions for use of ORM products to various odour producing and/or releasing substrates. 

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