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Handmade Garden Pebbles and Pots

Looking to revitalise and add a modern touch to your garden?


Our handmade decorative garden pebbles and pots will add the perfect finish to your gardens.


Available in a range of vibrant colours, shapes, sizes and finishes, our garden pots and pebbles can be used for endless creative possibilities and are customisable to your needs.

All our pebbles and pots are created from sustainable media which will enrich your soil with vital nutrients as they degrade. They’re both decorative, and multi-functional.


For customised pebbles or pots, or for large-scale landscaping orders, please contact our team for a custom order. Our designer can help you with selection, supply, and installation.


​Garden pebbles currently available for selection and pickup from our display room are listed below. Prices vary depending on the surface texture. For indicative prices please email us and we will get back to you on availability and prices. 

Subject to availability, our decorative pots can be viewed and purchased on site.

Currently available decorative garden pebbles:

Colour range: White, yellow, mustard, pink, purple, orange, brown, terracotta red, blue. 
Size range: 0.5-8cm
Shapes: Round, lozenge, kidney 
Choice of earthy or glossy surface texture 

We are also able, on a special request, to supply decorative garden pebbles formulated to contain the three key nutrients (potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen) required for healthy plant growth. 

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