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Biji Sculpting Media for Artwork

Our Biji range of sculpting powder media are ideally suited for producing fine textured sculptures in a speedy fashion while satisfying individual creativity. Once mixed with water, our media sets and hardens quickly, but can be adjusted depending on the artist's requirements. Being fine in surface texture, it can be used for producing beautifully coloured glossy sculpted creations by using a variety of natural oxide-based colours and organic coating agents.

The beauty of our media boils down to its ease of workability (easily shaped by hand or mould), and its effective binding properties, making it possible for artists to produce sculptures of almost any shape and size for display whether it's for indoor or outdoor display. These features, together with the freedom of using any environmentally friendly additive, colour or coating agent enables artists to achieve their desired expression. You won't be disappointed, just give it a try!

A selection of artwork and pieces created using our Biji Sculpting Media can be found below.

To access the full range of free video tutorials, please visit our Youtube Channel. 

Other advantages? Our material is soil degradable and contains calcium, magnesium and potassium which are valuable for soil and plant health when added into your garden soil, or can even be reused as a filler for your next masterpiece. Our product allows for beautifully created masterpieces which promote zero waste and captures the essence of sustainability in every artwork.

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Biji Sculpting Media (and colour pigments) is currently available in 1kg pouches, as well as in bulk quantities in excess of 10 kg. The pouched products will be posted out around Australia, whereas the bulk quantity purchases can be either delivered on request or picked up from our Thornleigh premises in Sydney. 

The price for a 1kg pouch of Biji Sculpting Media is $25, supplied with two oxide colourants. For purchasing Biji Sculpting Media please go to “Data Sheets & Forms” page, download the Purchase Order request form, complete and email it to us at and we will promptly get back to you with a quote, including shipping costs for your payment approval. We also offer Biji Sculpting Media as part of our stunning gift packages to your loved ones, packages that standout and will be remembered. You can choose what you would like to be in your gift package by completing the request for gift card quotation form on our website. 

Purchased products will include instructions for use of the sculpting media and ideas for using techniques for producing a unique art creation. 

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