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Art Classes

Hi! To whoever wants to get their hands dirty and make art…. well.... we will soon be finalising a range of fun sculpting classes for all ages and interest groups, including children, mums and dads, artists, and anyone else who wants to make fun creations!

2022 Classes Schedule will be posted soon. Individuals and groups interested in us running fun art classes or special events are welcome to contact us via email and place   an initial booking.

Any questions or special requests please call or email us.  

Examples of artwork that our artists will show you how to make at our workshops for you to enjoy your creations ...

Artist at work_edited.jpg

At our art classes we will explore all styles of making modern sculpture, including wire sculptures using diverse fabrics and colour pigments. 

We cater for both beginners and artists interested in exploring new material and artistic techniques.   


We go further beyond convention and show how an empty plastic soft drink bottle can be turned into self watering pots.

Decorative pots made from waste cardboard containing feedstock matereials.jpeg

Art classes for children will help to develop basic skills in producing shapes by hand or using moulds. 

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